To see the API Documentation on the internet, please visit our Swagger REST API documentation for more details on the various APIs.

To access the APIs within your environment, go to the CES URL and select the API Documentation option in the Help menu (see below)


Accessing the API Documentation

ISPW's Rest API is documented in Swagger, a commonly used format. The Rest API is hosted in Compuware Enterprise Services (CES), which connects to the underlying mainframe products to perform various actions on the mainframe.

Swagger Doc

The APIs use a token based authentication for securely accessing the mainframe. Please visit the CES Credentials for more information about setting up a Personal Access Token for the APIs.

Example of REST API usage

For an example of how to call the Rest API from a scripting language, please see this Powershell script that calls ISPW's API to perform various ISPW Operations from a command line.